Smoky Mountain Trail Challenge

Presented by Peak Equine Productions, LLC.

Promoting broke and quiet horse with a natural way of going
To learn more about the Smoky Mountain Trail Challenge or to register. please click here.


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  1. Kim Russell
    Kim Russell at · · Reply

    Thank you for offering this competition!!

  2. jennifer adams
    jennifer adams at · · Reply

    what are the ages eligible for horses in the in hand divisions??? yearling and 2yo same as ARHA???

  3. Kim Carey
    Kim Carey at · · Reply

    This looks awesome!!! Thanks for offering!

  4. Jaime
    Jaime at · · Reply

    All I see is the flyer posted for the trail challenge. How do we pre enter? Rules? Definitions of classes (ages, experience)?

  5. Kim
    Kim at · · Reply

    Is there payback for the trail challenge? What are the prizes?

    Thank you!

  6. Ernie Brewbaker
    Ernie Brewbaker at · · Reply

    As a Service Horse Owner and Rider, I am interested in the obstacle challenge. Could you provide info on the challenge? We also do a drug awareness program that you may be interested in promoting. Feel free to visit Ranger T Walker’s facebook page. We promote the Just Say WHOA To Drinking, Drugs and Bad Decisions at schools, 4H and other youth activities.

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