Jeanette Henderson

Jeanette Henderson and “Hubby” Roy spent eight years on the road full-time with their horses, riding in all 48 contiguous states. Their vast experience includes riding up to 10,500 feet in the Colorado Rockies, and down into the Grand Canyon. They’ve cantered across beaches coast to coast, from Maryland to Oregon, Texas to Florida. They mostly camped in primitive sites on public lands, allowing them to trail ride in some of the most beautiful and remote areas of the country, and in a very affordable fashion. That same remoteness often presented some extraordinary challenges that make for some fascinating and inspiring tales!

Besides keeping an online diary at her Equicamping website, Jeanette compiled an informative directory of all the horse camps they’ve visited (more than 260!) entitled “The Best (and Worst) Horse Camps Across America.” Rather than just a dry “just the facts” directory, she included portions of her diary entries about their experience at each location, so the reader can get a much more personal feel for the place. It has enjoyed brisk sales since being published in January 2016. Autographed copies of the book will be on sale at the Equicamping booth in the vendor section of this event. She also has a Facebook Group by the same name as the book, where she continues to share her experiences online.

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Jeanette’s Presentations:

Friday, February 23, 2018

10:00-10:50  Living the Trail Rider’s DreamMiller Club
Description: The Inspiring Story of The Henderson’s Eight Years on the Road. The Triumphs and Tribulations of traveling, camping and trail-riding full time will be told in a lively and entertaining narrative style, encouraging audience interaction, as well as questions and answers, for those seeking to spend more time out in the wild!

Saturday, February 24, 2018

4:00-4:50 Top Ten Things You Should Know When You Hit The RoadMiller Club
Description: This informative and entertaining seminar will assist attendees in answering the top ten most important questions when preparing to take their horses and families on the road. From deciding what type of horse camping you want to do, to knowing what the most vital equipment you should include is, this workshop is a MUST-ATTEND for anyone who has horse camping in their future (though even old hands might learn a thing or two!) And, of course, questions will be welcome!

Sunday, February 25, 2018

10:15-11:10 The Best (and Worst) Horse Camps Across AmericaMiller Club
Description: What makes a perfect horse camp? This session will be a highly interactive session, with facilitator and participants hashing out all of the various elements that make a good, or great, or terrible horse camp. Having personally experienced nearly 300 different horse camps, Jeanette Henderson will offer insights to help the attendees know what to look for, what questions to ask, and how to improve existing and future horse camps.