The Southern Equine Expo is adding two new competitions to Saturday’s line up.

First, we welcome the Retired Racehorse Project Makeover Rematch.  Competitors selected from the 2016 Makeover competition will compete from $250, but more importantly bragging rights.

The 2nd Annual All-Breed Versatility Challenge

The versatility challenge is a fast-paced competition where you and your horse can show the world just how versatile your team can be.  The competition is broken down into 4 disciplines: Western Pleasure, Showmanship, Hunter under Saddle and Barrel Racing.   The competition will be broken into two age categories that will ride simultaneously but judged separately.  The age categories are 13 year and under and 14-18 years.  The top rider from each age category will be awarded a trophy buckle then the remaining riders will be grouped together for an overall top 10 placing.  

Mountain Trail Competition

Promoting broke and quiet horse with a natural way of going


 New in 2018, will be the Mountain Trail competition held on Friday-Sunday, February 23-25, 2018 at the Southern Equine Expo. The competition will be to reward handle, control and willingness to perform obstacles.  Speed is not a judging criteria unless it deters for the quality of the pattern.   Competitors will show in multiple go rounds.  The first go-round will be Friday.  The second go round will be Saturday.  The top 10 finalist will be determined from the cumulative score of both go rounds.  Each obstacle will be scored individually.  The highest score wins.  Open to ALL breeds.

In Hand divisions

  • Youth
  • Novice Horse/Novice Handler
  • Novice Horse/Open handler

Mounted Divisions

  • Youth
  • Novice
  • Owner/Amateur
  • Open


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