Steuart Pittman

steuart-pittman-1Steuart Pittman operates Dodon Farm Training Center in Davidsonville, Maryland where he trains horses and riders primarily for the sport of three-day eventing. The farm maintains a stable of 25 horses in training.  Steuart evented through the Advanced and CCI*** levels, showed dressage through fourth level, spent many years in the hunt field, and is Maryland’s first US Eventing Association Certified Instructor. He is a popular clinician who always manages to entertain audiences while educating them.

Steuart founded the nonprofit Retired Racehorse Project in 2010 to combat the decline in value and popularity of Thoroughbred ex-racehorses in the riding markets. Steuart owes his career to the Thoroughbreds he rode, and worried that without effective marketing and education a generation of trainers could miss the opportunity to experience what he considers the most trainable, versatile, athletic, and fun horses on the planet.

 Steuart served two terms as president of Maryland Horse Council, was Director of National Campaigns for ACORN, and graduated from University of Chicago with a degree in political science. He lives on the farm that his family bought in 1725 with his wife Erin and six-year-old twin boys, Sam and Andy.

Steuart’s Clinics:


10:30-11:20     Taking Flight  Horse Science Arena 
Description: Jumping is like flying, but takeoff and landing are what makes it safe. Protect and preserve your horse’s innate desire to jump by learning about straightness, balance, contact, and the elusive take-off spot. Demo horses are Thoroughbred ex-racehorses.

3:30-4:15  On the bit and in Front of the Leg   Coliseum 
Description: Learn how and why people in the English disciplines ask their horses to be “on the aids.” What does it look like and how does it feel? And most importantly, how do I get my horse to accept those aids? Yes, this is dressage, but we don’t have to call it that! Demo horses are Thoroughbred ex-racehorses.


10:15-11:05  Thoroughbred Makeover 2017 Preview  West Arena  
Description: Meet recently retired racehorses just starting their journey to the Retired Racehorse Project’s $100,000 Thoroughbred Makeover, scheduled for October 5-8 at the Kentucky Horse Park. Learn why they were selected, what they knew at the start, and how quickly they learn about their new sports. 

1:45-2:45    Thoroughbred Makeover Rematch  Coliseum
Description: Four Thoroughbred racehorses in four second careers will battle it out for your vote. Each will demonstrate the skills that they learned training for the Retired Racehorse Project’s 2016 $100,000 Thoroughbred Makeover. $1,000 in prize money distributed based on your text voting. Horses and riders to be announced. 


9:15-10:30  Improving your horse’s performance across the field and or in the arena. Session 1   Warm-up

2:00-3:15   Improving your horse’s performance across the field and or in the arena. Session 2Horse Science
Description: Working with riders on dressage principles to improve collection, impulsion, and control.  Afternoon clinic will continue developing a solid foundation as we add over fences to the equation.


Friday February 24, 2017

2:00-2:50  Becoming a Professional Horse Trainer      Miller Club        
Description: Live the dream of training horses for a living. Discussion will include establishing credentials and building a resume, apprenticeship and formal education, assessing the potential of local communities, facility considerations, drafting a business plan, and client development.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

4:00-4:50    Selecting and Re-starting the Off-Track ThoroughbredMiller Club       
Description: We’ve all heard the success stories, but how do they happen? Learn where to shop, what to look for, what you might pay, and what the first six months might look like with your new horse off the track.

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