Lance Graves

lance-gravesLance Graves is a world acclaimed barrel horse trainer and a 4X AQHA World Champion, PHBA World Champion and Congress Champion barrel racer. He is a Barrel Futurities of America World Champion, Reserve World Champion, BFA SuperStakes Champion, and NBHA 1D National Winner. Lance has students around the globe including movie stars and European champions. Many of the horses he has trained have been seen running WPRA, IFR, NHSRA and NBHA races around the globe.

Lance’s Clinics

Friday February 24, 2017

10:15-11:05  Equipment Matters- East Arena
Description:Saddle fit. What kind of pad and why? Front leg protection, hind leg protection or both? Boots or polos? Martingales, split reins, competition reins … when, why and how? Spurs or no spurs? Barrel racing champion, trainer and teacher will demystify and simplify your daily and competition decisions in this demonstration

1:30-2:15   Barrel Prospect: Pattern Kindergarten- Coliseum
Description:Learn to lay the foundation for building a barrel horse who understands his job and is as happy to work for you as you are to make that winning run. Keeping it simple is important, making it easy for your horse to excel is paramount.

4:00-4:50   Choosing Your Next Barrel Prospect- Horse Science
Description: Family matters in terms of pedigree and predisposition to training and a future in the barrel racing arena, but what else do you look for? Conformation, maturity level, first to second career transitions, all of these things contribute to the prospect’s potential. Take the LG 101 Course before you hit the books, sales and race tracks in search of your next champion.

Saturday February 25, 2017

11:15-12:05    The Barrel Prospect: Compulsories- Horse Science
Description: Those fast, smooth turns that clock and win on the barrel pattern all began with slow work and movements not unlike a figure skater’s compulsories. Learn the disciplined, foundation movements for both horse and rider that must be perfected before moving on to the cloverleaf pattern.
2:30-3:15   Bitting & the Barrel Horse- East Arena
Description: Thousands of bits, each with a specific performance purpose and distinct feel that has to be correctly matched between horse and rider at every level of training and competition. Let 28-time world champion Lance Graves take the mystery out of bitting and put you and your horse on the road to the wiinner’s circle.
5:00-5:45    Ride Competitively- Coliseum
Description: Careful selection, countless hours of work in training and it’s time to step out into the competitive world. This transition doesn’t have to be as difficult as it sometimes is. Make it smoothly and with confidence in several, easy, sensible steps. Learn to tune instead of constantly train and mentally prepare you and your horse for those trips to the winner’s circle.

Sunday February 26,2017

9:00-10:15   Fast & Clean: The Simple Approach to Getting With Your Horse Session 1
2:15-3:30        Fast & Clean: The Simple Approach to Getting With Your Horse Session 2
 Description: The most hands on trainer for horses and their people in the barrel racing business, sign up to ride under the instruction of master teacher Lance Graves for both you and your horse. Access Lance Graves’ lifetime of experience and intuitive connection with horses to accelerate your journey in horsemanship and barrel racing as he schools, rides and coaches during this 90-minute fast track session and hear about the new EquuTREAT program launching in 2017!

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