Jennie Jackson


Jennie Jackson has never been one who stands on the sidelines allowing life to pass her by.  She is passionate about her beliefs and never hides this passion.  Jennie is perhaps best known as the owner and trainer of the big champagne stallion Champagne Watchout. 

Jennie introduced and published a brand new idea to an old discipline that people never imaged could be applied  to Gaited Horses.  Jeannie has been perfecting Dressage, as applied to Gaited Horses for over two decades.  She explains and shows the application of these principles on her web site

In 2010, Jennie was formally invited by the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games to be the Official Breed Representative of the Tennessee Walking Horses, where she introduced the 4 Beat Dressage to the international equestrian community.  Requested to participate in exhibitions around the country, she has thrilled crowds with her one-of-a-kind performances. 

Jennie’s background is extensive. Her enthusiasm is infectious. Her knowledge transferable.  Jennie Jackson has held clinics in Israel to include the Israeli Police Academy.  Jennie Jackson clinics provided a unique opportunity to learn the secrets to success in working with all gaited breeds and traditional trotting horses. Whether you are a trail rider, new horse owner, or seasoned competitor, Jennie can help you understand and ‘get the gait’.

Friday February 24, 2017

10:45-11:30 Cross Training the Gaited Horse-West Arena
Description: Exposing your gaited horse to as many venues as possible, whether in the show ring or trail riding, makes for a safe equine partner and safe.
3:45-4:35 Beat and Smooth-East Arena
Description: How to keep your gaited horse out of the 2 beat gaits, trot and pace, using just your legs, seat and hands.

Saturday February 25, 2017

11:45-12:30 All the Pretty “Gaited” Horses- Coliseum
Description: In our 4-beat gaited world, often times we wonder what gait is my horse doing? Does it have a name?  We will look at different gaited breeds and Jennie will explain what they are doing and the names of the gait.
4:00-4:50 Beat Dressage-East Arena
Description: Using the tried and true technique of classical dressage on all gaited horses.  Don’t be intimidated by the word “Dressage”.  Translated into English: Training.

Sunday February 26,2017

10:30-11:45  Let’s Keep Gaiting Session 1- Warm-up Arena 
3:45-5:00  Let’s Keeping Gaiting Session 2- Coliseum
Description: Are we have fun yet?  Well if not let us find out why.  Here is where the rubber meets the road. What can I do as the rider to help my horse stay gaiting and smooth.  Clinic is divided into two 90 minute sessions on Sunday.

Jennie’s Lectures:

1:00-1:50  Why We Ride Gaited Horses-Miller Club
Description:  The  smoothness of their gait and their willing disposition makes the gaited horse an ideal equine partner.  To keep them strong and sound until their later years, we need to learn as the rider to be a better load to carry, as we teach the horse to be a stronger load carrier.
2:15-3:05 Going Through Pearly Gaits-Miller Club
Description: Gaited horses are some of the most talented groups when it comes to their many foot fall patterns. We will explore this topic in depth including how conformation and soundness issues effect the 4 beat gaits.
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