Equestrian Chaos

Krystin Celisse Barrett

Excerpts from Alabama Horse Talk Radio.  To learn more about Celisse and Equestrian Chaos listen to the whole interview click here

Krystin “Celisse”  Barrett has worked in entertainment since the age 7 and has worked as a professional equestrian entertainer since she was 18 years old.  She is a Russian Cossack/Trick Rider and Roman Rider and has worked as a performer for several circus family shows traveling all over the United States.  Celisse has worked for shows such as The Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede, Arabian Nights Black Stallion Literacy Project, Cavallo Equestrian Arts, Ma’Ceo, Austin Anderson and the Texas Trick Riders, and is a member of the Screen Actors Guild. She also works as a stunt performer and occasionally uses her horses in film and television work.

In 2008 she performed a trick riding demonstration for a special needs camp named Camp SMILE which lead her to become the horseback director for the organization the following year. Celisse realized how receptive the campers were to the trick riding, so she began to use some of the tricks in a therapeutic setting as a tool for positive reinforcement or to overcome physical, mental, and over-stimulation ‘blocks’ some of her students were having .  Celisse became certified as a Therapeutic Sports Riding Instructor by PATH International in October of 2009.  Since 2009, she and her husband ,Jason, continue to direct the horseback riding programs for 10 local non profit and special needs organizations that serve over 600 children and adults within a 7-week period during the summer.

Equestrian Chaos was born from Celisse’s School of the Equestrian Arts.  Celisse created Equestrian Chaos, an action packed equestrian stunt show that features death-defying trick riding, roman riding, and inspiring bridleless acts.  At first Equestrian Chaos was solely for entertainment purposes, but when the troop noticed the positive and inspiring effects it gave the therapeutic riders, Equestrian Chaos decided it was time to integrate them into the chaos as well.  Not only has integrating our students that have special needs into Equestrian Chaos been exciting, but we noticed it started inspiring the students to become more self-driven to impress their audience and “show off” their new skills by the time of the next performance.  Being able to call themselves a performer has not only broken down mental walls but it’s transformed them into independent, self driven, confident individuals who are unafraid of coming out into the crowd and giving their audience their all.

After nine years of developing all these incredibly original programs, Celisse’s School of the Equestrian Arts is a performing equestrian arts based therapeutic program that has now received 501(c)(3) non profit status .  With the help of friends and supporters of our mission we hope to continue this work far into the future.

Our mission:To educate, heal, and enrich lives by joining forces with horses.

Friday February 24, 2017

10:45-11:15   Performances: Stunt/trick riding performance by Equestrian Chaos-Coliseum
1:45-2:40      Everyone should trick ride- East Arena
4:30-5:00    Performances: Stunt/trick riding performance by Equestrian Chaos- Coliseum

Saturday February 25, 2017

11:15-12:05    Incorporating trick riding into a PATH Int. program-Miller Club
1:15-1:45         Performances: Stunt/trick riding performance by Equestrian Chaos- Coliseum
3:15-4:05       Everyone should trick ride.-Horse Science

Sunday February 26, 2017

8:00-9:00   Tricks and Tips with Equestrian Chaos Session 1-Horse Science.
3:30-4:45    Tricks and Tips with Equestrian Chaos. Session 2-Horse Science
Description: Equestrian Chaos will work with riders wanting to give trick riding a try with their personal horses. We will work on basic strength training tricks for both horse and rider at the beginning level.
Requirements: Broke, level headed horses and riders that have at least one year of experience or have ridden comfortably at a walk, trot, and canter. NO GREEN HORSES or RIDERS. Accepting up to 5 riders.
Cost $100/rider

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