Craig Johnson

Craig Johnson 2The Legendary, Craig Johnson has earned his spot among the Elite group of Horse Professionals that can claim the Title of $ 1Million Dollar Rider. Few individuals have trained, shown, earned and competed at this highest level in the Professional Horse Industry. Craig has earned his spot among the best of the best. He is now passing this wisdom and knowledge to the next generation and to all who desire to learn a tried and proven system for accomplishing the best a horse has to offer.
Craig grew up a Midwest farm and ranch kid. His parents had a large horse and cattle business as well as farming. The lessons learned have applied to his ability to train horses with patience, sowing and reaping, waiting on the harvest. It had also given him an appreciation for a family business and the closeness associated with working together to create not only success, but memories.
Craig married his wife Lyn in 1979 and together they have traveled to different areas of the country, taking their training operation and dreams wherever they went. In 1984 they moved to Texas with their than two-year-old daughter, Sarah, where they have been located ever since. Through the years many inspiring times have been shared as they made family the priority while allowing horses, many wonderful clients and friends, as well as traveling the world, among the things that they have experienced together.
They also cherished the normal family times of birthdays, holidays, sporting events, school plays, sleep overs, and just plain being there during for each other. Now Sarah has added a great blessing with her own family, gifting us with a wonderful grandson, Jaxon Burdette.
The Johnson’s feel so lucky to be able to continue to share their family with the many amazing people we meet and look forward to the unending opportunities to create even more…. memories.

Craig’s Clinics

Friday February 24, 201712:00-12:45   Becoming an effective rider – Coliseum
Description: Craig teaches the importance of effective use seat, legs and hands together.
1:45-2:35   Ranch Riding: and how to prepare your horse for a winning ride. – West Arena
Description:  Craig covers the basics of Ranch Riding and the techniques needed to optimize your horse’s performance.
4:45-5:35  Learning the principles of the Reining – East Arena
Description: Craig will cover reining maneuvers and the various training techniques used to build a solid foundation.

Saturday February 25, 2017
10:15-11:00  Reining and Western Dressage:  not so distant cousins.- Coliseum
Description: Clinic focuses on navigating patterns, importance of body control to maximize performance, improve transitions and develop quality gaits.
12:30-1:20   Speed control – East Arena
Description: Learning how to use your seat, legs, and hands to control the speed of your horse and the walk, trot and lope.
5:30-6:20   Develop an understanding of reining fundamentals – West Arena
Description: Craig will cover the basics of reining and how these techniques can be incorporated into all forms of riding.

Sunday February 26, 2017
8:00-9:15  Fundamental training for the Western rider-Session 1 -Coliseum
2:00-3:15  Fundamental training for the Western rider-Session 2 – Warm-up Arena
Description:  Riders wanting to improve in western disciplines including reining, ranch riding and/or western dressage.  Two 90 minute sessions.

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